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August 23, 2019

Starting from the scratch and then achieving success at a very young age is truly a big deal, it takes a lot of effort, time and focus. The potential to take risks and the mental ability to handle if those risky decisions really fail is a strong point of any successful entrepreneur. Somebody who can be regarded as the one of the pioneers of all these traits among the coming generation of entrepreneurs is Peter Loftin. One of the most successful telecom owners of the era he is and yet he has a lot to serve and showcase in the coming future.

Peter Loftin Tasted Success in Business Just at the Age of 25

Peter was from a non-business background; his mother was a school teacher while father a veteran of Korean war. Both of his parents had nothing to do with business ideas and so Loftin had to chase his dreams all on his own. And yet, he did it just at a small age of 25, when he got his own company BTI (Business Telecom Inc.) established in the year 1983. And then, the success story started with fast expansion of the organization. It earned multi-million dollars and got merged with Deltacom (now EarthLink).At a tender age only, Peter Loftin had developed a visionary attitude. He never looked back again and became a big name in no time.

Not Just a Businessman but An Admirer of Arts, Education and Charity

The interesting fact about Loftin is that he lives life to the fullest and cares for the society as well. His contributions towards arts and charity are commendable and he is still involved in maintaining the same. Peter Loftin is always concerned about the education system’s advancement and reach among all. He provided free internet services to the schools in the outskirts of North Carolina. The motive was to make the children privileged enough to pace up with the advancement in education.

In the year 2000, Peter invested in Casa Casuarina, a real estate project for the upliftment and expansion of arts. Later, several events took place on this venue and those were often dedicated to charitable purposes. So, upliftment and promotion of arts went hand-in-hand with the welfare of the society. He has always cared for the poor and underprivileged and right from his initial business days, he has been contributing for the same through his unique ways.

A Successful Entrepreneur Who Encourages Young Talents

Peter Loftin has always encouraged the young talents by his initiatives, be it something in business or arts of any other field. That is why he had founded BTI Center for the Performing Arts in 1997. It was a way to encourage people to polish and present their talent at a bigger platform.

Now, coming back to the business achievements in Loftin’s life, it should be noted that his work has always been recognised so far. He was termed as ‘North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year’ by Business North Carolina magazine. Another great recognition in his portfolio includes being regarded as ‘Corporate Citizen of the Year’ by NCEITA (North CarolinaElectronics andInformation Technologies Association).This man is a source of inspiration and motivation for many newcomers.

Paul Petersen

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