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September 20, 2019

wonderful indonesia

Traveling for food? Who doesn’t love that? While enjoying the town vibes, trying various food is the definition of pleasure vacation. There are many must-try food, cafe, and restaurant in Yogyakarta and here we have compiled for you the must-try foods and restaurants in Yogyakarta.

Lumpia Samijaya

Lumpia is one of the local’s favorites. Along Malioboro street, there are many lumpia stalls. However, this one is the one with a great lineup, and obviously, there’s always a reason behind the long queue. This lumpia booth is located facing Mutiara Hotel, across Starbucks, and it was the very best lumpia we have ever had! Consist of chicken, beansprouts, along with other veggies wrapped in lumpia skin till golden crispy and served with some kind of shaved garlic cucumber, and green chili. The garlic, pickles, and condiments include sweet, sour, and hot kick which creates the deep-fried delicacy balanced and prized!

Yammie Pathuk

One of those noodle stalls in Jogja, a simple chicken noodle set called Yammie Pathuk. The noodle here has savory based seasoning, classic nonetheless tasty, best paired with soup London & meatballs, crispy wonton, and fried chicken balls.

Es Buah PK & Bakso Sapi

Serving fruit shaved ice cream and Beef Meatball soup this place has been around for decades with lots of loyal customers. The shaved ice consists of pineapple, jackfruit, Sam/ sapodilla, coconut, grass jelly, and some kind of syrup, it was sweet, tangy, and refreshing at the exact same moment. For meatball, functioned with fritter, it was delicious also, affordable yet gratifying!

A gelato is a fantastic option after drifting about Jogjakarta to beat the heat. Tempo Gelato is among the gelato areas that serves gelato with tons of flavors with affordable cost starting from IDR 20,000. They have basil flavor. The feel was so tacky and creamy. Their homemade cone was so fragrant and crispy, their coffee flavor is a must-try!

Gudeg Bromo / Tekluk

If you haven’t eaten gudeg in this city, you have not visited Jogja. Out of many recommendations for Greg, one of these is Jude Bromo / Tekluk. This guide booth opens at midnight. Yes, midnight! Though this emptiness begins at midnight, then you will be surprised to see the queue with this particular guide stall. The flavor says it all. It was so good! The judge was not overly sweet with a hint of spiciness. It can be paired with various toppings, and we chose chicken and tempeh.


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