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July 21, 2019

You want your wedding to be as grand as possible, that’s a given. There are many ways for your wedding to be perfect as it can be. An important thing that definitely plays an important role in the perception of a wedding is the reception.

You have to make sure that you choose the right food and beverages on the wedding menu. That includes the dessert catering DC. With so many good desserts to choose from, you might find it tough to narrow down the selection for your wedding. Below are some tips to help you choose.

Know Your Guests’ Dietary Restrictions

Before choosing what type of dessert you are going to serve at your wedding, you must first know what dietary restrictions your guests have. Different people have different reasons why they would have restrictions on their diet such as their health and personal preference among other things.

When your guests RSVP for your wedding, you should always ask if there’s anything that they can’t or choose not to eat. This will make it easier for the company that’s going to provide you with dessert catering DC to figure out any alternatives or other options to provide these particular guests with.

Choose The Type Of Dessert You Want

What type of dessert do you wish to serve for your wedding? Are you going with the traditional cake? There are many types for you to choose from which are then divided into different flavors and kinds. Besides a wedding cake, you can have these at your wedding:



Ice Cream








Cotton Candy


Of course, you can always mix the desserts and serve some elaborate desserts as well. You are only limited by the options that you will be choosing to go with. As stated above, the type of dessert will also be affected by other things on this list.

Consider The Venue When Choosing The Dessert

The venue might make it harder than it should be to serve the dessert of your choice. If this is going to be the case, you should opt for a different dessert instead. Making things unnecessarily difficult to achieve on your wedding might cause things to go awry.

Talk to your provider of dessert catering DC and ask them what options are going to be possible to serve for your wedding. Will the dessert consume too much space? Will it be tough serving them at the buffet line? Is it too disorganized for the waiters to serve them?

Taste The Desserts

Schedule a tasting for the vendor that you choose to go with. With everything else disregarded, the taste will always be a factor that’s going to be important. The taste of the dessert is going to be the last thing, in most cases, that your guests will remember as they leave for home. Will the taste be something that they’re going to enjoy or will it sour them on the food experience?

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