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September 20, 2019

It is always easier to blend and mix foods when you have a food blender at your kitchen. Blenders which can blend any types of foods whether there are hard or not are considered as the best kinds of blenders. Big commercial kitchens can go a single day without these food blenders in their kitchen. So blenders are an integral part of the food industry. Now days the blenders have made their way in home kitchen as well where they are used to blend all sorts of ingredients. Blenders have many other applications as well. Blender can make juices and purees as well provided that they have right kinds of settings.

Why do we need blenders for most of our food ingredients?

Well a powerful food blender in very useful in our kitchen for everyday use. Of course there are certain differences between power blenders from a regular blender. With a power blender making soups, Smoothies, milkshakes, purees and sauces is always a better experience. Some high quality blenders also acts as food processor as they can even chop vegetables, mill grains, heat up soups and crush ice cubes.

There are many types of blenders such as soup maker, jug blender, Smoothie maker and smaller blade blender.

The functionality of different types of food blenders

Smoothie maker – smoothie makers or milkshakes makers are those blenders which comes with blades which are slightly larger in size. Making Smoothies and milkshakes would not have been easier if these blenders where not there. Chunk less and silky and smooth Smoothies are made by these blenders. They make sure you do not have to chew while drinking your smoothie has they blend every ingredients very finely. But make sure that your blender does not clog when you put whole fruits in it. Some blenders even mill nuts and seeds as well.

Soup maker– Making soup with a blender is now a possibility. Power blenders work at a very fast rate. As a result they produce lots of frictional heat. Now if you put ingredients in the blender along with blending then these power blenders will heat them up as well. This is like such a cool feature of a blender. Imagine that now soups can be made in such less time. These blenders come with a heat substance at the bottom.

Jug blender – Well jug blenders are considered to be the best among them all because it can do all the works that are done by the above mentioned blenders. These blenders can make silky smooth Smoothies. They can make soups. They can even make cocktails by crushing ice cubes.

Small blade blenders – There are certain power blenders which come with small blades. They might have small blades but they have big functionalities. These kinds of blenders can grind coffee beans thus making a good quality at home is not impossible now. These blenders can also grind grains and mix up different spices as well. People who are allergic to gluten make their own flour in these types of blenders by grinding grains in them. These types of blenders are very useful.

Facts about buying a power blender

Well some may say that the more you spend that blender you will be able to find. But it is not completely true. There are many small budget blenders that work perfectly for your kitchen. The key factor is to know what you need in a blender and then match your criteria with model description.

First, let us start with the container of the blender. Some people likes sturdier mugs while some prefer heavier mugs. To some mugs that are made of glass is ideal while for some plastic mugs are great. One might need a larger mug while to some a medium sized mug does the job. Also consider about the speed control. Some prefers the automatic speed control while some loves the manual speed control setting. There are people who go for blades are strong enough to even crush ice cubes. These blades are generally made of stainless steel. Also there are blenders with many settings like puree, soup, smoothie and grind so find out which is the best suited setting for you before buying a blender. Well there are lots of food blenders out there but you need to find the perfect one which will suit your preferences.


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