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July 21, 2019

Tell contrasting stories in photography with the juxtaposition

Jun 6, 2019

Juxtaposition is a technique used in photography to highlight the contrast between two physical objects. Here the photographer aims to show a contrast between the objects. Juxtaposition in photography is achieved when the difference between the object catches the attention of the audience. It is used in a manner to show two contrasting stories in a single picture. Minimum two objects are required to create juxtaposition. The two objects should not overshadow each other. Both the objects should stand out in the picture so that they get equal attention of the viewer. Refer this site to understand juxtaposition in detail.

Types of juxtaposition that can be photographed

  • Dark and light: Colours is the best and easiest mode of creating juxtaposition in photography. Dark and light color always highlight the contrast between them. Use this contrast in your shots.
  • Old and new: Inthe case of product photography, juxtaposition can be created by keeping two similar objects of different times. It highlights the time difference which can be used as juxtaposition.
  • Small and large: There are many things in our surrounding that can create juxtaposition by using size. Use a subject that has a size difference with similar nature.

Elements that can create a juxtaposition

  • Colour: Earth is a colorful place, and we are surrounded by different colors. Colors have the ability to catch attention. You can use the difference in color to highlight the juxtaposition in your image.
  • Texture: Different textures can be used in creating juxtaposition. The texture is easy to observe. Textures, if used with precision, have the ability to enhance the contrasting nature of a picture.
  • Subject: The easiest way to create juxtaposition is to use two subjects that is opposite in nature. The difference can be spotted easily by the audience as it catches the interest of the viewer.
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Start a Blog? WordPress or Blogger is the Best Option for You?

Mar 30, 2019

Does your company need a blog? If so, choosing a blogging platform so it can be difficult because there are a lot of good options out there. So how do you choose the best? Two of the most popular options are WordPress and Blogger.

While this is not an in-depth review of a website, I highlighted the pros and cons of each based on my user experiences, and then offered some tips on finding and registering a domain name. There are some free domain suggestion tools.


WordPress is a powerful content management system that offers more than many blogging platforms for beginners and pro bloggers.

Because it can be customized to your specifications, themes, layout, design and plugins, its versatility is unlimited.

You have a choice of two options: and

What are the options?

The application, WordPress is free, but you need to decide whether you self-host your blog (choose or host it on

For self-hosting, you need a domain name and a hosting service to get started.


Blogger is an easy-to-use and perfect tool for creating blog entry-level blogger with few technical skills like coding or HTML. On the contrary, it may be an educated engineer who wants a blogging platform that is easy to manipulate and manage.

As a book reviewer, I needed a blog to publish book reviews, but I was not ready to become a professional blogger. Blogger was the perfect way to build a professional blog that looks at my editors and readers.

Get started on Blogger

To get started, you only need a Google account or a gmail account. Blogger is free, fairly reliable and simple to use, so if you’re in the market for a minimal blogging platform, Blogger make its go-to-source.

Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name takes time and effort, but it’s worth it. Your domain name tells the world what to expect when they come to your website or blog and makes your products or services. Once you choose your domain name, you must register. В» view page of domain name service.

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5 Beginner Tips For Excellent Website Design

Mar 23, 2019

Whether you’re looking for tips on how to enhance your blog page or you are setting up a business website, there’s no denying that professional looking website design is the key to a successful website.

While it won’t always be easy, there are a bunch of tips you can find online to help you achieve your goal. Keep in mind that the success of your website doesn’t only depend on a compelling design and layout, but also in excellent content creation as well.

If you’re looking to find expert tips and opinions, Website Design Company LinkHelpers can help you achieve the most professional website you could ever imagine. You can also opt to hire them to create the website of your dreams which will help launch your career or business online.

Nevertheless, learning about what goes into an excellent website design is always helpful. Below are five beginner tips you could consider when planning the design of your website.

  1. Think About The Visuals

While it is not the only factor, visual design is crucial in building a website that will grab the user’s attention. It can convey the real value of the content as well as explain complicated concepts. Humans are visual creatures in nature. We are drawn by graphics and visual content more than words or articles. Why? The reason behind this concept is because we retain better information from the pictures for a longer period.

One of the main tips in using visuals to enhance your website is to choose images that will show the goal of the product or service in which you offer. The main picture should be located on the homepage, and it’s necessary to use only high-quality images.

  1. Be Mobile Friendly

Almost every person on the planet has access to a smartphone than a laptop or computer. Because of this fact, websites that do not have a responsive mobile design is less likely to succeed. Most of your users or visitors will be looking at your website through their mobile devices, so you need to ensure that your website is mobile friendly. Also, it should have the same responsive design as it has on a typical computer device.

  1. Enrich The Interaction Design

While your website may contain impactful images and excellent content, users won’t enjoy their experience without an interactive website design. This simple technique will improve the user’s experience while making your website more attractive. For a great interactive experience on a website, make sure to use contrast in your design and be consistent and appropriate with your dynamic effects. Also, try to avoid pop-up windows as most users find this feature annoying.

  1. Make Navigations Clear

If you have a lot of sections within your website, you need to ensure that the navigation design is clear, tight, and readable. The navigation menu is one of the most important elements of a website. It allows your users to browse and discover your site so they can learn more about you or what you offer. So, make sure that the navigation is clean and easy when creating your site.

  1. Highlight The Main Content

Your main content should be the highlight of your website. While you still need to use several keywords to boost your site’s rankings, highlighting a particular product, service, or content will ensure better recognition. Try using a bold text for the main content and show images that are attractive to users.

Final Word

Creating a website is easy, but creating one that looks professional and will help you achieve your goals and sales take time and expert efforts. Consider the tips above to help you build an excellent website design.


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Ways to Reduce Background Noise When Recording Videos

Dec 28, 2018

Always remember that the audio that you record is going to be part and parcel of your video (unless you remove it) – and that makes its quality important. In particular you need to find ways to reduce the background noise that is picked up in the recording, and can make it crackle, pop, or disrupt the actual audio that you want viewers to hear.

While there are many ways to reduce background noise, initially you should try to:

  • Use an external microphone

If you rely on the built-in microphone in your camera or smartphone, it is going to be very difficult to limit the amount of background noise that is picked up. Instead you should use an external microphone, preferably in a mid-range of higher model.

  • Use the right type of microphone

Keep in mind that microphones come in many different types, and the right type of microphone can help to dramatically reduce the amount of background noise that is recorded. For example a shotgun microphone that only picks up audio from the area that it is pointed at is likely to record a lot of the other background noise that may be around.

  • Turn off electrical appliances that emit sound

Honestly you’d be surprised how much background noise comes from everyday electrical appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, fans, computers, and so on. Essentially anything that has a motor in it should be suspect – but to be safe you may just want to switch off anything that you aren’t using.

  • Make sure the microphone doesn’t move

Another common source of background noise stems from the movement of the microphone itself. When the microphone moves the surrounding air may rustle against it, or it may brush against a surface. Depending on the type microphone you’re using you may want to place it on a stand, mount, or clip it on in some way to prevent movement.

  • Soundproof the room

If you’re going to be recording audio for videos regularly, you may want to try your hand at some DIY soundproofing. While you don’t need to build your own audio production studio, simple steps such as covering the floor with rugs and draping curtains on the walls and windows can go a long way to reduce the background noise.

Despite these steps, some background noise may still make its way onto the audio track in your video – however it should be diminished so taking care of it in post-production shouldn’t be an issue. For example you could use Movavi Video Editor and follow the steps at to remove the leftover background noise.

Make no mistake if you’re able to reduce the amount of background noise, it will improve both the audio quality as well as the overall quality of your video – and make it look much more professional. Regardless of which steps you choose to take, be sure to test the audio recording beforehand so that you can spot whether or not there is excessive background noise present.

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4 Interesting Facts About Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Dec 10, 2018

The Grand Theft Auto Series is referred to around the globe as being one of the greatest gaming franchises ever. At the same time, there are actualities the vast majority don’t think about this exemplary line of games. In all actuality, because of the gigantic achievement of GTA San Andreas and the colossal open-world design it unfurls, there will undoubtedly be a lot of obscure certainties. The following are 5 fascinating things you probably never thought about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas:

  1. Despite the fact that it is entirely certain that the Gant Bridge in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was demonstrated off of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, numerous players are unconscious that the Garver Bridge in the game is designed according to the Forth Road Bridge, situated in Edinburgh, Scotland. Some portion of the explanation behind this جاتا goes that a significant part of the advancement group was situated in Scotland.
  2. The name San Andreas was utilized on the grounds that the anecdotal urban areas and towns in the game are intended to look like the Los Angeles territory during the 1990s. This district sits on the San Andreas Fault, which is a noteworthy reason for quakes in the zone. In this game, the city of San Fierro gives hints that a shudder has caused harm and you can even find out about it on the in-games news reports.
  3. Excellent Theft Auto: San Andreas kept running into a tempest of contention over something that wasn’t even actually in the diversion, yet was found over all versions. Despite the fact that not intended to be played in the last item, there was a small scale amusement incorporated into GTA: San Andreas that enabled the player to control CJ, the principle character, into lascivious conduct. This substance was not at first playable in the transported item, but rather it was observed to be open as far back as the primary forms of the amusement on PS2. Rockstar Games was then compelled to reconfigure and submit new forms of the game so as to stay away from further contention.
  4. The voice on-screen character for the primary character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was by found by incredibly good fortunes. The makers of the diversion caught Rapper Young Maylaywhen they were talking with an artist about the score of the game. The makers instantly realized that Maylay had the ideal voice for the character and thus CJ was conceived.
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The Uses & Functionality Of Digital Multimeter Guide

Nov 28, 2018

A Digital Multimeter at the very first stage may look truly befuddling and perhaps somewhat scary. They’re loaded up with strange symbols and multiple test lead ports for connecting only two test leads. Therefore, it’s sufficient to leave anybody stuck scratching his head. If in the correct hands, an advanced multimeter is an amazing device that can be utilized in endless applications. In fact, it’s one of the most commonly utilized instruments when it comes to installation process. To work with the device, it’s important to understand the functionality properly to perform a number of tests.

What is a digital multimeter?

A Digital Multimeter or DMM is a test instrument that is used to gauge at least two electrical values. These are primarily voltage (volts), current (amps) and resistance (ohms). It is a standard diagnostic apparatus for experts in the electrical/electronic fields. With digital multimeters it’s time to replace traditional needle-based analog meters. This is because a digital multimeter has the ability to gauge with more accuracy, reliability and enhanced impedance. Digital multimeters combine the testing abilities of single-task meters of voltmeter (for estimating volts), ammeter (amps) and ohmmeter (ohms). They also incorporate some of the extra specialized features with advanced options. Professionals with explicit requirements, in this manner, can search out a model focused for specific errands. Considering the complexity, it’s crucial to take help from the Multimeter Guide.

Basically, there are four components on a typical digital multimeter. These are:

  • Display: Where estimation readouts can be seen.
  • Buttons: For choosing different functions (based on the value)
  • Dial (or rotary switch): For selecting essential estimation values like volts, amps, ohms.
  • Input jacks: Where the test leads are embedded.

Test leads are flexible. These are wires that are insulated, (red for positive, dark for negative). These wires are plugged into the Digital Multimeter. Their work is to perform as a conductor from the item that has been tested to the multimeter. The test tips on each lead are utilized for testing circuits. The terms tallies and digits are utilized to depict a computerized multimeter’s goals including the process of estimation. By knowing a multimeter’s goals, a professional can decide whether it is conceivable to see a little change in a measured signal. Every application with a digital multimeter presents potential safety hazards that must be considered properly when it comes to electrical estimations.

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Why FPS Games Are The Best

Nov 19, 2018

There is no doubt that there are plenty of great games out there. Just remember that not all of them are going to cut it. Some people prefer an intense experience, while others are only interested in escaping reality for a short period of time. Many gamers will agree that first-person shooters are the best games out there and there is plenty of evidence to support their conclusions. If you’re not a fan of FPS games, you can click here to find out about games from other genres. Otherwise, you can read the guide below and learn why FPS games are indeed the best.

No Learning Curve

First and foremost, you should realize that many video games have a steep learning curve. This is going to make them inaccessible to many people. Nobody wants to spend hours and hours trying to figure out how to play a game. They want to sit down and start having fun immediately. This is why FPS games are the best. These games usually have little to no learning curve. This means that you can pick up the controller and start having fun immediately!

No Grinding

Another thing to note is that a lot of games require tons of grinding. With RPGs, there is a good chance that you’ll be required to level up for months before your character is strong enough to beat anyone else. This can be a real annoyance and it is yet another reason that FPS games are the best. With these games, you normally don’t have to grind at all. Just turn on the game and start playing. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to kill anyone regardless of how long they’ve been playing the game.

Plenty Of Ways To Play

You should also know that first-person shooters are going to provide you with plenty of ways to enjoy the game. It is true that the single player mode might be lacking. However, it will be supported by strong multiplayer modes. This is one of the reasons that Rainbow Six Siege has become so popular. Check this site out to learn more about that particular game.

No Boredom

Finally, you should know that FPS games offer plenty of fun and little boredom. These games can often be played for months and months without getting boring. This is not the case with games from other genres. With RPGs, you’re going to get bored when the story is completed. With FPS games, you can continue playing as long as you want.

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How to Protect and Recover Recordings on CCTV Systems Via RAID Data Recovery?

Aug 6, 2018

It is normal to see reports where it says the following: “Unfortunately the images of the CCTV were not recorded, due to some defect in the system”. This happens a lot in our news, for a variety of reasons, such as a failure of the consultant’s projects or simply the cost reduction of the client. However, such errors can be easily avoided.

Many video management systems have features to maintain the integrity of recorders. They are called Failover Recording or also redundancy. But how does it work?

This feature monitors the recording server (or servers) in real time, and in case of any failure, power supply, network, motherboard, and any problem that leaves it unavailable, a second server temporarily assumes the recordings. With the end of the fault, that is, when the main server is working again, it will take over the recordings and the Failover server will return to the “stand by” stage.

This feature would already solve many problems of recording failure on CCTV systems, but for it to work at least two servers are needed, increasing project costs. For this reason, this functionality is erroneously left out in deployments.

When we have the whole system failure, the recording failover resolves, however if the fault is only on a disk or part of the HD we have to use the same concept, redundancy in the hard disks, and we must implement the HD’s so that in failure of one or more disks the data can be retrieved.

This system is called a RAID and is widely applied in recording and storage systems. The most common types in CCTV systems are: RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 6 . Let’s understand the advantages and disadvantages of each of them:

RAID 1 – Also called mirroring, at least two disks are required to perform this deployment, all data written to both disk. In case of one fails, other one has all data.

RAID 5 – This type uses the concept of parity, in case of failure of some sector or disk, this parity data is used for the reconstruction of the information.

RAID 6 – This system uses double parity bits and rest is same as RAID 5.

Both data recovery and restore are solutions that meet the same need – the loss of information – but at different times. Now a good question to ask yourself is, “What would you do if you lost all data now?”. The solution is at New York.

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Idea Online Recharge – Instant, Free and Safe

Aug 1, 2018

A part of Aditya Birla Group, Idea Cellular is one of the most popular names in the telecom industry. With its extensive services, it has captured a huge customer base all over India. Idea is more admired among the younger generations for the flexible pre paid plan it offers. Both post paid and pre paid plans of Idea meets different sets of customers. Generally it is the pre paid plan that people get attracted to, due to the control over the expenses it give. Idea online recharge service is for the pre paid users who needs to recharge their mobile phones and data cards for interrupted services.

Gone are the days, when users had to go to local market to buy validity recharge and top-up cards. It used to be tiresome if there were some important calls and you could not make it due to unavailability of enough balance in your phone. Either you had to wait for a proper time to go to market and get your phone recharge or in case of urgency go immediately and get the phone recharged. It used to be so much of hassle. Today with idea online recharge option available, you can recharge your pre paid mobile phone and data cards instantly, within a fraction of a second. Today with high speed internet connection reaching every household, it has become easier to recharge phones, DTHs and data cards online instantly. All you need to recharge online is a high speed internet connection and a device to run that connection, be it smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. With busy and hectic lifestyle, the online recharge facility is seen as boon by people. Ideal online recharge too offers free, safe and instant online recharge for your pre paid connections. You will have to either open the Idea website or download Idea app in your smart phone or tablet. You can also opt for online mobile wallets like Paytm, PayU, Freecharge, Mobikwik, PhonePe, QuickPay, etc. for idea online recharge service. Apart from smooth transactions, you will also get attractive discounts for using their platform to recharge your idea pre paid connections. You get discount coupons on food and shopping bills, you also get cash back offers and many other enticing bonuses and benefits.


Safe and Hassle Free Idea Online Recharge

If your phone or data card is running out of balance and needs instant recharge, without hesitation open Idea website or download Idea app in your smart phone or tablet. The process is almost same for all the platforms. You only have to enter necessary information, which are mandatory to make recharging easily possible, like, your device number, the recharge or top up amount. You will also require entering the device type (mobile phone or data card) and the operator for which you wish to recharge your set. And lastly the payment mode, where in you have to select the option that best suits you. Once payment is complete, your online recharge process will be successful.

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Download YouTube Videos from URL in MacOS

May 3, 2018

In YouTube, there are different URLs for every video you play from it. You can find the URL in the web browser when the video is played. Sometimes it might pop up in your mind if you can download the video using the URL? You surely can download any video using URL.

Following are the list of a few YouTube URL downloader Mac:

Airy: You can download a YouTube video from its URL using Airy into your Mac. You can play the video anytime you want in your MacOS even if there’s no internet and even if the original posted video is taken off from the internet.

You can download and install Airy in your MacOS from this link, Airy, YouTube URL downloader Mac.

Clip Converter: Clip Converter also can be used to download videos from YouTube using the URL. It downloads the videos in several formats such as 3GP, MP4, and HD. The efficiency of downloading experience from Clip Converter makes it preferred by many YouTube users. This app also lets you share videos in between sites like Dailymotion and Metacafe.

VideoGrabber: Video grabber is a very efficient app to download YouTube videos from URL. It is free software, and the download process is fast and easy. Video sharing sites such as, or blip.Tv etc. can be used to access your favorite videos. You also get access to essential video tools, such as video converter and screen recorder.

SaveFrom.Net: SaveFrom.Net allows you to choose the format and quality of video you want to download using YouTube URL and seamless downloading experience. If you are a beginner, SaveFrom.Net gives you instructions for downloading videos using its tools.

SaveVid: SaveVid is a popular video downloader which allows you to download trending videos from YouTube, eHow, Veoh, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Metacafe for free. You can choose the format and quality of the video. You can also download videos in a batch.

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