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September 20, 2019

A good salary is one’s prime concern while searching for a decent job.
Although any career can help you make a living for yourself as long as you’re passionate about it and have a professional mindset, but one can’t deny the fact that certain careers simply dominate others in terms of money.
Most of the highest paying jobs in Australia without a degree in the world right now are in the technology and healthcare sectors.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs Of 2018:
1-Physician Assistant
2- Pharmacy manager
3- pharmacists
4- Enterprise Architect
5- Corporate counsel
6- Software Development Manager
7-Physician Assistant
8- Software Engineering Manager
9-Nurse Practitioner
10- Software Architect

Physicians diagnose and treat injuries, their job includes examining patients, taking their medical histories, prescribe medicines and perform diagnostic tests. They also counsel patients on diet, hygiene and what preventive measures they should take for better health. Physicians have been the most highly paid for many years now.
Median Base Salary: $195,842

Pharmacy Manager:
Pharmacy managers are responsible to keep check whether the patients are being given the right medication and if their prescription is filled according to the doctor’s advice.
Median Base Salary:$146,412

Pharmacists prepare and dispense medicinal drugs. There are two fields to opt, one can either be a clinical pharmacist or a consultant pharmacist.
Median Base Salary:$127,120

Enterprise Architect:
Enterprise architecture requires strong analytical skills. An enterprise architect analyses the technology systems being used by company’s business strategy.
Median Base Salary:$115,944

Corporate Counsel:
The lawyers that represent a certain businesses, corporations or organizations.  This job closely relates with the work of lawyers but only for specific people or organizations.
Median Base Salary:$115,580

Software Development Manager:

They manage software development companies. They deal with hiring training and supervising the staff. They also design web services and applications.
Median Base Salary:$108,879

Physician Assistant:
They practice medicine under the supervision of a physician. Their scope of practice varies in different countries. In the US they are fully licensed doctors.
Median Base salary: $108,761

Software Engineering Manager:
A manager in a software engineering company and supervises and directs engineers working in the company to ensure best practices around software developments.
Median Base Salary:$107,109

Nurse Practitioner:

Health care workers, skilled in tackling injuries and providing supportive care to patients. They are confused with Registered nurses who can’t write prescriptions. Nurse practitioners are fully authorized  to prescribe medicines.
Median Base Salary: $106,962

Software Architect:
Software architects basically creates design for high quality software products. They are also responsible for forming the code for the software design.  An high intellect is required for this job.

Median Base Salary: $105,329

These careers are the highest paying ones in the world right now but to establish and flourish in these particular fields of work is a very hard thing to do.
but if you’re passionate and your desire for earning is strong you can definitely excel in these careers. Best of luck!

Paul Petersen

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