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July 21, 2019

We all know that computer backup can be confusing. Yes, there are many ways to do that, but where should you begin? Data backup is one of the most critical actions that you may incorporate to computers. With the advent of various options, the process becomes difficult in terms of navigation. Having enough knowledge when it comes to backup methods can make things easier for you. Dealing with advanced will further make complicated things simple.

Here are some popular ways to back up your computer:

External Drives

It includes USB sticks and even those larger external hard drives. These are some of the favorite and widely used method of backing up one’s computer. Using this kind of method is fast and inexpensive and there’s no need for you to pay a certain amount to those monthly subscription services just to keep your data safe. Some of the negative ideas associated with this method are there’s a possibility that you may lose the drive or damage accidentally that may result in losing your entire files.

Internet-Based Backup

This method is also becoming popular nowadays. There are also some companies that offer web-based back up services that comes in an affordable monthly package. Such programs work in the background of the PC by backing up files to the cloud and in the end, saving data. If ever an event happens wherein your computer crashes, or you’ve purchased a new system, don’t worry, restoring your data from the cloud is just easy. Please be advised that cloud-based backup services are expensive.

Free Cloud-Based Backups

Some examples of free services include Dropbox and Google Drive. Both of which enables you to store files and even sync online accounts for the computer system.

Even if it’s just for free, these platforms are still comprehensive and affordable. Although they offer only a limited storage capacity for free accounts, you can still find yourself paying if you want to purchase more storage that suits your need.

Which Should You Use?

When it comes to backing up your data, there’s a golden rule that must be followed: one is never enough. We all know that all backup methods can be put in danger like theft, physical damage, or any scenario that accidentally happens. It is advisable to at least use two separate backup methods to ensure the safety of your files.

Even computer experts recommend using both an onsite and offsite backup. An external hard drive is an example of an onsite backup while cloud-based services are for the offsite backups. An onsite backup is much faster and easier to do but an offsite backup is not vulnerable to any physical damage or even natural disaster. When you use the presented backup methods, rest assured that your files are well backed up and at the same time gives you peace of mind.

Take it One Step Further

Don’t just rely on manual backups, automate your data backup method. Put your trust that the automated system is backing up your entire files. This is also to secure that you always have another file available in case you need it.

Paul Petersen

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