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September 20, 2019

Benefits of Improving Pelvic Floor Muscles

Mar 19, 2018

Most of us know we need exercise. Therefore, we spend time and money on toning our abs, thighs, buttocks and just about every other area of the body people can see. However, many people stop there and do not consider the benefits of learning how to improve pelvic floor muscles.

This is only a short list of benefits we get from exercising our pelvic muscles:

  • Improve bladder functioning and control – If you have ever had bladder leaks when you coughed or sneezed, chances are your pelvic muscles have loosened. Similarly, you might have at times felt like you wet your pants while you run, jump or sneeze. You also maybe had frequent urges to use the bathroom or maybe have not made it to the toilet in time. If so, regular pelvic floor routines could correct the situation.
  • Prevents organ prolapse – Perhaps you have felt weight pushing down on your vagina or your bladder does not feel as empty as it should. Otherwise, you maybe have a weak urine stream when you do try to relieve yourself, or you maybe have suffered pain during intercourse or the burning of urinary tract infections. Learning the right way to exercise your vaginal muscles could correct these situations and prevent them from recurring.
  • Relief of back pain – The pulling down of internal organs onto your vagina could cause back pain. It is possible that pelvic floor muscle routines could reduce the pressure you feel in your back.
  • Increased sexual pleasure – In addition to helping you stop pain from occurring during intercourse, you could prolong and intensify orgasms when you strengthen your vaginal muscles. We recommend performing three sets of 10 pelvic floor muscle exercises to enhance your love life.
  • Better recovery after childbirth or surgery – It always takes time to heal after receiving an operation or having just delivered a child. However, regular control over your vaginal muscles could help you resume your normal activities with more ease. Performing regular pelvic floor muscle routines could shorten your recovery time.

In the process of learning how to improve pelvic floor muscles, you might feel some assistance would make this process easier. You might even wonder if there is some kind of device that could make knowing which muscles to squeeze and relax. One way is to hire a professional exercise coach, but we also recommend the use of a Kegel exercise device.

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